Learn How to Jump Higher in Two Weeks

Are you curious about how to jump higher (the jump manual unbiased review of how to increase vertical jump)? Have you tried many methods? Many of us fancy being athletes. Jumping is part and parcel of being an athlete and most of the athletes out there may it be the footballers, the basketball and volleyball players and many others want to jump higher than they currently do. Luckily there is a product that is designed and developed to help people to do exactly that, the jump manual is the secret basketball player.

What is the Jump Manual?

How to Jump HigherThe jump manual is a complete vertical jumping training system making use of the multifaceted training approach. There are nine areas that you have to improve on before you are able to jump a bit higher than you are able to today. Other jump programs do not cover all the nine areas unlike the jump manual which does. In fact the other programs might not cover any of those areas at all. Working on all of those 9 areas enables you to increase your vertical jump and achieve this much faster than other programs available.

How to Jump Higher – Structure of the Jump Manual

The jump manual has it that the jump manual is a software which is compatible with both the PC and the Mac. It has got several aspects:

  1. Video library: This comprises of tutorials that show you the way to perform the exercises and the stretches in the right and prescribed manner.
    Personalized training: One is able to interact with the trainer via the email where you get to ask any question you feel like asking the trainer and the trainer gets back to you.
  2. Other alternatives to weight room: some of the ways to jumping higher require you to make use of some of the equipments found in the weight room. Jacob, the developer of this jump manual took into consideration that not everybody may have access to the weight room and developed alternatives in order to cater for everyone.
  3. Complete and well thought out work out plan: There is a plan that shows you when to perform the different exercises and trainings. Following this plan to the letter ensures that you get the prescribed results.
  4. Forums: after getting this jump manual you will able to have access to forums of high ranking international athletes and get to know their take on the jump manual and athletics in general.

The Jump Manual

How to Jump Higher – Areas Covered in the Jump Manual

The very first area is the 9 facets of your vertical jump and how each one of them can be fine tuned. It will also have the daily workout routine and how the not so difficult formula of strength x enables you to improve the jumping ability. Information on improving your explosion potential will also not be left out and there will be so much more available as the jump manual review holds.

Shortcomings with the Jump Manual

As it is the jump manual review has it that the jump manual will not work out for everyone, as there is no perfect solution for everyone. In addition to that the jump manual will need a lot of cooperation and discipline from the user because it is about being told what to do and doing it. But, as a disciplined person it surely it will work for you. For more in-depth information you should read this article from All about Jumpers.